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I just want say how great the first class was for my young daughter at Solid Rock Martial Arts Academy. She had an private evaluation and was excited about starting the class that same day with Sensei Edwards. He highlighted all the points we talked about as the purpose for joining. Discipline was first on my list followed by self-defense. He did an excellent job keeping the kiddos focused and has a magical way of leading the class. I can't wait until she returns to class. She understands how important to earn her belt and that is in not just given without hard work and behaving. Thank you and see you soon!                    

  - The Cameron Family

Solid Rock Rocks!! My boys enjoying going to this school. Sensei Edwards is very professional and is an amazing instructor. I give this school five stars!!!!!

  - The Thomas Family

I was very impressed with the studio, reception, and greeting by Mr. Edwards. I watched the initial class with no expectations in mind and was happy to find an energetic and encouraging atmosphere where the kids felt safe and proud of the effort they were asked to give. My 13 year old who is normally shy and quite was displaying enthusiasm for the first time in a long time. Despite being winded and sweaty she said "I loved it!". So we give this a thumbs up.

  - Michelle F. · April 19, 2017 

They work great with my four year-old son and have outstanding patience with the kids.

  - Alex C. · May 12, 2017